Where Is It You’re Līving?

Keep the faith! Fame time is nearer, thriving South Side.
More souls will soon flock to the arriving South Side.

Brick clad dreams replace project mistakes, now smashed down,
to restore glory to the reviving South Side.

Jazz players create, explore shared roots, complex chords,
unravel melody braids–the jiving South Side.

Do-rags top cornrows more firmly held than slung pants.
Cars boom through the hood on the high-fiving South Side.

Pols’ flashes of toothy for-media smiles hide
labyrinth rot. Chicago conniving, South Side.

Look over your shoulder, watch who’s walking how, where:
Observe ingrained lessons for surviving South Side.

Builders stake vaporclaims past McCormick’s Beige Wall,
seeking to reap clout’s gold on the striving South Side.

Migrating birds float near the cultured center shore.
Flipping for food, they display their diving south side.

Happy escapees from north’s incessant tussle,
Hoffmans savor fleeting space while driving South Side.