About the Poetry Categories and Alphabetical Listing

Poems can be slippery tykes should one be trying to slot them into categories. Double entendres, deep and shallow abound: Is a particular poem more a comment on life (So It Is) or has it veered more onto the path of being ironic humor (Whimsy)?

Really, who cares? Not me. The poems on SkyScribed are being offered for you to enjoy. I divided the poems into categories to provide guidance should you be looking for a particular type of poem or specific subject matter. You can use the Poetry navigation menu, the category links at the bottom of this page, the alphabetical listing below, or even search the site to identify poems that might interest you.

Alphabetical Listing of the Poems

A Stretch Into Metaphoric Meaning  (Whimsy)
A Trillium Delirium  (Nature)
Blemishes  (So It Is)
Beyond Competition  (Whimsy)
Combat In a New Mode  (Nature)
Death’s Varietals  (So It Is)
Facelifts (After Milton Friedman)  (Whimsy)
Failed Search for the Perfect Gift  (Relationships)
First Snow Haiku  (Nature)
First Watering  (Relationships)
Freudian Translation  (Whimsy)
Going Home Again  (So It Is)
Habituated Ease  (So It Is)
How to Keep People You Love Safe  (Relationships)
Iconic Relationship  (Nature)
Ignis Fatuus  (So It Is)
Impervious (Nature)
Inadvertent Success  (Whimsy)
It’s All Relative  (Relationships)
Let’s Call a Moratorium and Enjoy  (Whimsy)
My Border with Death  (So It Is)
My Failed Intervention  (So It Is)
Not Even this Is Definite  (Nature)
Not In a City  (Nature)
Poor Imitation  (Nature)
Preserving the Spirit  (Relationships)
Private Parent Parts  (Relationships)
Reflection on Silver Scraps on the Road  ( So It Is)
Semantic Mismatch  (Whimsy)
Remedial Counting  (Whimsy)
Sharing Sky  (Whimsy)
She’s Got It All Wrong (Whimsy)
Soft Remnants (Relationships)
Take It All Off  (Nature)
Taking Sides  (Nature)
The Tyrannical Burden of Enjoyment  (So It Is)
Unscheduled Reviewings  (So It Is)
Ur Author Unknown  (Whimsy)
Where Is It You’re Living  (Whimsy)
Whither…  (So It Is)
Won’t Thaw  (Nature)
Words’ Worth  (Whimsy)
Younger Men Unaware (Whimsy)