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Even though these two guys don’t have Sky in their names, they are part of the Sky family by birth (Mark Rosal) and by marriage (Matt Ponak). Check out the music they are creating.

Mark Rosal

Matt Ponak

Matt’s first album, Bridges of Song, where “ancient mystical melodies inspire this soulful collection of harmonious singing and bluegrass pickin’,” is now available for sampling and purchase at for the digital album and to order the CD. Bridges of Song is also be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, as well as a variety of other music websites.

You can also keep up with Matt’s latest efforts at

Businesses in the Family

Frey Design Productions, a full-service film and video production studio
Ear Gear Hearing Instrument Armour
Holiday Park Resort Community

Friends with Websites

Susan Bruck

an artist and Waldorf teacher, has created a website To Wonder at Beauty where she celebrates the magic of an ordinary day.

Paul A. Cantor

is an American literary and media critic. He is currently the Clifton Waller Barrett Professor at the University of Virginia. In addition to a ton of print and electronic publications, he now has a website where you will find a set of 25 “recorded live” video lectures on Shakespeare and politics, covering eight of Shakespeare’s plays.

My Poetry Teacher

Joanne Diaz, who is the Illinois Featured Poet, taught a class in 2008 on poetry forms at the Newberry Library in Chicago. It was under her guidance that I finally buckled down and learned poetry forms beyond the sonnet—something I recognized I needed badly!

My WordPress Consultant

I realized that I would simply need help if SkyScribed were to become a reality without my burning up into a little cinder from frustration.  Heather Acton was the answer!