Inadvertent Success

“Close companions think correspondingly….
My latest frill grabbing secret….
You’re consistently grieving about the unfair prices of mitigations….
You know how you’ve always desired a premium chronometer….
Requiring the mitigating compound that you can’t get a hold of is upsetting….
You don’t ever spree on anything for yourself!
The majority of women are unhappy with the size of there signif other’s thing, also their unstasified by their activity in the bedroom.”

I did not write these words, yet they are mine,
sent to me by international email spammers
hoping to entice me into buying their goods.

Indeed, they have made a sale.
Their fractured English, malapropisms and not quite rights,
so inadvertently insightful, unintentionally humorous, I laugh out loud,
have seduced me into buying, to the extent of cutting and pasting,
into owning not what they offer, but how they offer it.

For the opportunity to savor these wares
though resisting their invitation
to proffer my credit wad for theirs,
I thank them.